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Amy's Teaching Journey

I must say that never really embracing the use of ICT’s in the classroom in my prior pracs, although they were successful I have to think could they have been better if I used more ICT’s within the lessons.

I have to say I have learnt so much from completing this task. Things that I never would have thought about before.

I have to say a big lifesaver on professional experience was the Smart Exchange After learning about it in the learning pathways and downloading the smart notebook software on my computer, which is free for a trial period. There was so many helpful resources and general ideas using the smart board.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to use it, perhaps it may be useful in your next professional experience.

The more resources and ideas the better !

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Playing to Lose (or, What Mucking Around with Sports Rulebooks Has to Do with Math)

Math with Bad Drawings

At the 2012 Olympics, eight badminton players were disqualified for trying to lose on purpose.

Their incentive was simple. In the next match, the loser would face an easier opponent than the winner. It’s as if the teams were told, “Okay! The winner will have to climb Mount Everest, while the loser will have to watch the IMAX film Everest. Now, everybody, play your best!”

Instead, the Olympic athletes impersonated bumbling beginners—serving into the net, missing easy returns, and failing again and again to sustain a rally. The crowd booed, the referees fumed, and commentators grieved for the poor paying customers, who had inadvertently bought tickets to a farce.

In a recent post, the inimitable Jeff Kaufman asks an interesting question: What if all athletes everywhere suddenly caught losing fever, and began pursuing their own defeat? Would the resulting games all be as boring and self-defeating as badminton…

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I love brain breaks!

Blog of Ashleigh B.

A friend of mine sent this link to me on facebook and I thought I should share with some of my uni friends.

Although this link is not entirely ICT related I found it extremely interesting (and a tad obvious)!

While on prac I carry around little cards like this one:


I keep a huge range of them on my key ring for inspiration any time during a lesson. I particularly find that I use these more in English than in mathematics or science as English does not provide many opportunities for students to get up and move. Brain breaks are not something I plan when I will use them but rather a tool that I will use when I identify that the students have had enough for the moment and need 5minutes to have a ‘brain break’! I was only in a year two class and I found that…

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Assignment 3- Choosing your lessons

Blog of Ashleigh B.

I found while on prac ICT integration was in a large majority of my lessons even when I did not intend to make this the sole factor. Due to this I am now struggling to just select five lessons to insert into my assignment! From using the interactive whiteboard, using voice recorders and the use of computers in ICT time I have a wide range of lessons to choose from. Unfortunately my class did not have access to ipads, however I overcame this with extensive use of the interactive whiteboard, at times I even had students using this tool. We even used ICT during art!

I wonder how many other students are struggling with this choice and whether you have chosen a range of lessons from different content strands? or stuck with lessons that flow together?




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Week 3, beginning reflections

Today was actually very difficult although it did teach me quite a lot.
Half the class is away for three days this week at band workshops, and I am taking the class for the majority of the day.
We did maths and spelling through the morning, then reading groups and geography before big lunch and geography again after big lunch. This was a really draining day for the students that were here, and you could tell. They’ve got a geography assessment that they’ll be doing with my mentor this week and I’m really aiming to ensure that they understand all the content, while moving through 3 lessons in the time we should have done 2.
I’m realizing how packed a teacher’s day can be, and I can say that I’m very exhausted today.
I need to work through more behaviour management strategies this week, as it appears proximity and choices is just not enough today! Maybe that will change, but I am currently thinking what else . I’ve been a bit slacker today with my circling of the room, so I’m going to have to pick that up tomorrow. Also I was so unsure of whether to actually take the laptop off those that weren’t on task, but didn’t quite want to snatch it off a student so I’ll consult with my mentor on what to do.
It would be excellent if I had use of the monitoring program that my mentor has.
She can see every screen in the classroom, so that would be very helpful for me in my own classroom.