Week 3, beginning reflections

Today was actually very difficult although it did teach me quite a lot.
Half the class is away for three days this week at band workshops, and I am taking the class for the majority of the day.
We did maths and spelling through the morning, then reading groups and geography before big lunch and geography again after big lunch. This was a really draining day for the students that were here, and you could tell. They’ve got a geography assessment that they’ll be doing with my mentor this week and I’m really aiming to ensure that they understand all the content, while moving through 3 lessons in the time we should have done 2.
I’m realizing how packed a teacher’s day can be, and I can say that I’m very exhausted today.
I need to work through more behaviour management strategies this week, as it appears proximity and choices is just not enough today! Maybe that will change, but I am currently thinking what else . I’ve been a bit slacker today with my circling of the room, so I’m going to have to pick that up tomorrow. Also I was so unsure of whether to actually take the laptop off those that weren’t on task, but didn’t quite want to snatch it off a student so I’ll consult with my mentor on what to do.
It would be excellent if I had use of the monitoring program that my mentor has.
She can see every screen in the classroom, so that would be very helpful for me in my own classroom.


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