End of week reflections, week 2

It’s been a really busy week. We had the kids away for a bit this week, as well as our whole class out on Wednesday. I’ve really tried to observe my mentor during this time, as I wasn’t sure how I’d handle that in my own classroom. Next week we have a lot of the class away for 3 days at band camp, and there’s a lot of content they have to do at home. The benefits of a 1:1 laptop class is that they can actually take their laptops home with the ILMs from class and work on it.

I really think I’ve done well this week, I’ve been teaching so much and learning a lot as well.
Heading into the final week next week and I’m definitely ready!

some reflections would be how can I use ICT more effectively in my classroom? I really need to keep in mind that there are more ways to incorporate it than games. I like how my mentor uses spelling city for the students spelling, and they’re able to have their own customized lists which I really think is more of a benefit to those individuals.

Behavior management was a lot better this week but I can’t say that it was all me! My behavior students just seemed to show up this week with a better attitude which made it a lot easier to work with them.
I’ve figured out what we’re going to do for our angles assessment, and I’m being observed next week so that’s exciting!


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