Mid week reflections, week 2

I get to stop planning lessons now, and we’re just working on session plans instead! I struggled with this at first, as I’ve never been allowed to use session plans in the past. I either had too much or too little info in there, now I think I’ve gotten them down pat.
We went to smart steps today, and I really got a change to practice my leadership skills. I was assigned to a teacher aide with some children from our class and some from the year 6 SEU children. They’re a lovely bunch of kids, and were very well behaved. Overall however, I didn’t really understand the point of going up to USQ. It was funny hearing kids responses to the questions, they thought that a teacher and doctor require apprenticeships! If only that were true!
I got to see one of my favourite lecturers though, which was nice and he gave me some words of encouragement! I was also on my own with the teacher aide, and I tried my hardest to really take initiative and keep the whole group together and under control. It was good to be given that independence, and I think I handled it well.
I didn’t teach today because we were out and then they went straight to art when we got back. It was nice to have that afternoon not teaching though and it gave me time to reflect and talk with my mentor.
I think I’m improving a lot with my maths, especially since I’ve been teaching it every day! Angles are a piece of cake for me, and I’m just thinking now how I’ll test their knowledge. We aren’t finishing up with that unit until next week though so we’ve still got time.
I’m teaching science tomorrow as well, which is all about sustainable energy and I’m really excited. I care about the planet, I’m vegetarian and I aim to live as sustainable as possible, so it will be nice to see student responses for that as well.
Overall I think I could improve on my organization, I was good on the first week but now things are getting busy it’s tougher to keep everything all together! I’m also thinking how I’ll test student knowledge 🙂


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