Rest of week 1

This week has been a really good experience for me and it’s been a very steep learning curve!

Being in a 1:1 laptop class is really challenging, and I also have the EQ guidelines to contend with. I’ve been trying very hard to incorporate ICT into the lessons I teach but sometimes I feel like I’m pushing against the tide. The students did work on an editable PDF that I created for assessment, we have played games and looked at youtube videos for them to learn more. That’s been really nice and helped the children to get more engaged. My mentor has asked that I not use as much ICT in maths because the students get unsettled, so I’m doing it more for english. They’re creating a multimodal for english so I’m really in my domain! I made them an example multimodal for their assessment, which was really fun and I taught them how to crop images to make them look better when using Movie Maker. I also taught them some things I learned at my graphic design apprenticeship, like how to filter out stock pictures in google search and find the highest res images for the job that they’re doing. Overall I think they understood it, and even just that little bit of learning has increased the quality of their assessment pieces.
It’s been a really big week, and I think I need to improve more on behavior management. The children are generally very well behaved, however games have been an issue. My mentor has an excellent program on her computer where she can see each screen and remotely shut down laptops via her computer. This is a really good tool, I’m just wishing I could do it too!

Goals for next week:

Check sites for their EQ usability before my lesson starts, incorporate more ICT into english classes and focus more on behavior management with a 1:1 class.


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