Second day prac reflections


Today was a really shaky lesson. The goal was to multiply decimals by whole numbers, which I completely understood. Adding tenths, hundredths and thousandths though – not so much. I’ve talked previously about struggling with maths concepts which I really do, but I made such an effort to understand this lesson and I actually taught it to my friend and partner the night before on my home whiteboard. This did not help me on the day.

I’m using the ILM’s provided by the C2C to teach off of, and this particular question was quite shaky. Something along the lines of “if I have 6 hundreds, and I add another 6 hundredths, how many hundredths do I now have?”

I’m not a dummy. 12. You will have 12 hundredths.

How do you show that on a place value chart? Beats me. I asked my mentor and even she didn’t quite know what to say for that wording. We moved forward to further examples however, which were much clearer. This part of the ILM I understood and could teach from. My behaviour management was easier today, I really did focus on my proximity and choices and for the most part there was no disruptive behaviour.

I still was told that my content was not up to scratch though, because of a discrepancy on what side you should put your symbol. I really felt stupid putting it on the wrong side but I asked around with kids I went to school with and we’ve all been taught this way. So were my parents, and friend’s parents so I’m assuming that it’s a New South Wales thing. Other than that, and the confusion of that first example on the ILM I think I did okay.


I showed the students an example of an A standard today, and they discussed with me what factors made it so. We talked through the criteria again, and I think they really got an understanding of what was expected of them. They were very on task today, and began their brainstorming on the task sheet now. I walked around the classroom constantly checking their progress and answering questions.
Overall, even those that I’d had difficulty with the day before were on track and engaged and I believe I’m getting more comfortable working with a 1:1 laptop class.
I would like to improve even more on my behaviour management strategies, and work even more thoroughly to engage them and really know my content.


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