First day at Prac! Reflecting


We were aiming to achieve an understanding of multiplying decimals by whole numbers. I’ve previously believed that playing games as a warm up really helps to introduce the lesson and get the children engaged.
We played a warm up game of Jeopardy using buzzers that I got from work, and the kids did love doing it but it was difficult to keep them settled down afterwards.
I came into this lesson with an inquiry based approach and aimed to encourage the students to think for themselves, and develop questions that would help them understand further.
I mainly wanted to ask guided questions such as “why did you get that answer, do you understand what you were missing? What will you remember for next time?”
I think this worked quite well.


After morning tea, it was up to me to talk the students through their English Assessment. I’ve always been really fond of English, so I was quite happy to be taking this lesson.
The students were walked through their task, and the criteria sheet by me and I outlined our expectations. I actually planned to incorporate a lot of ICTs into this lesson, including my own class blog (away from this one) that I would use to get them to access the links I wanted them to use. I thought this would be excellent, but 5 minutes before my lesson I couldn’t access it because of EQ guidelines! I had to think really quickly here, and so instead I made a word doc with the links and put that onto the server in a place the students could access it (the material that DID work).
The students used a brainstorming website ( and they brainstormed the location, audience and some key points they would use to sell this location. Most of the students were on task, but it’s really something else to have them all on laptops! I need to work more on making sure they’re not on games when I turn my back, it’s something I’ve never even had to worry about before. I considered myself quite technologically advanced because of my graphic design and multimedia training, and I thought it’d be easy to handle because I’ve been there and used all the tricks. For the remainder of my time here I’m going to need to look at their task bars for minimized internet games, definitely.

As for overall behaviour management, most of the class as I’ve mentioned in previous posts are quite enjoyable to have and there isn’t too much that I have to worry about when it comes to that.
There was students that prompted me to rethink my behaviour management strategies for next time, and I really need to remember proximity and offering choices when approaching these students. Following through will also be something important to remember.
Overall, it was a great start to my week. I am planning to incorporate some more tactics such as crosses on the floor where I will stand when I need all eyes on me; I will also try to provide more hands-on experiences as opposed to games and hopefully this will settle them down. I am going to practice teaching maths at home before I do it to really solidify the content.

Sigh, it was a big first day! Promise that not every post is going to be this long.


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