Week 3 – beginning the assignment

So this week I have powered through starting my assignment, I really started to get a flow of ideas while reading some information on it.
I wanted to share some of my key points with my fellow edc3100 students and get your thoughts. I think it’s great that the internet can help with collaboration like this.
So basically, I found this video which started all the creative juices flowing. It’s made with a software called videoscribe which is pretty cool and there’s a ton of cartoons and doodles you can use!
I also liked the points that the video raises about us using ICT in the classroom so you should definitely check it out!
I found out my year level for prac yesterday – year 6. I’d originally been planning for year 5 in this assignment so it wasn’t hard to change up a bit!
The next thing was to find 3 resources I liked, and then work on why those resources would help my students. I think this step was doing it backwards, but I found it the easiest way to do it..
Then I started a script!
So my 3 reasons:

  • ICT helps them engage with their learning, and makes it fun and relevant
  • Australian Curriculum sees ICT as a general capability, and so by using it in the classroom children can keep up to date with the technologies whilst still taking on board all the content
  • It opens up a world of information they’ve not previously been able to access, and gives them the opportunity to view things they may not see here in Hervey Bay

What are your thoughts on this everyone? How is your assignment going? 🙂


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