Week 2 – Videos, youtube and reflection

I would like to start this post of and talk about the videos, from the book on study desk.
Firstly I was seriously amused by this blockbuster video skit – which was then followed by horror at the thought that one day, that’s going to be a reality. I personally feel as though if I was just going to rent a movie, I’d rather download it. I can understand that, because why would I pay money to borrow it, when I can do it in my own home? It can take about an hour to download, and to entertain me while it’s downloading – I can watch episodes from the dozens of TV shows I’ve downloaded over time.
However, I also have a ton of hard copies of my favourite TV shows, I collect records and CDs and when it comes between buying a digital version of a game for my PS4 and purchasing the hard copy I will always choose the hard copy. I think that comes down to the fact I am willing to pay decent money to have something, to be able to display it and most importantly to have it long after the console I’m using has thrown in the towel and I need to buy a new one  – Whilst we’re starting to get things like portable hard drives and cloud storage that  can stop most things from being deleted accidentally, you just never know. If my PS4 crashes with 50+ digital games, what will I then do? Assuming each game cost me $100 to purchase, that’s $1500 I’m potentially losing because of technical difficulties with the device. Not worth the risk. I think the idea of movie rentals is going to crash soon, but as for library’s and record stores, I think they’ve got a bit more in them. Vinyl has just come back in trend 😉

Secondly, I wanted to share a video

The information in this video is actually outdated for 2014, which is actually scary when you think of how mind blowing the facts are and how many more facts we could be seeing in an updated version.

-I really want to get this post published but will be back for the conclusion this afternoon! I would love to hear your feedback on the videos above, and my points of view!
xx Miss Mitchell



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