Week 2 – ICT & Pedagogy

Okay, so week 2 is where we are starting to think more about why and how we will use ICTs in our classroom.
It’s also the 25th birthday of the internet today, so happy birthday World Wide Web!
To start this week I created a mind map using this website so I could generate for myself an outline of why I will use ICT in the classroom – taking into account my own reasons for doing, the reasons for the students and the specifications of the Australian Government and The Curriculum.


I have also created a google doc for my study group to use with me so we can go there and look at more reasons why.


2 thoughts on “Week 2 – ICT & Pedagogy

  1. If you receive a lot of page views it may be me, flailing around and failing with technology… I could not load the concept map w/ Google Chrome (error or file too big) so I gave up and flipped open Internet Explorer and now I can see it! I like it! You’ve got some ideas I have yet to link. ‘Authentic’ learning is covered implicitly here by the mentioning of “meaningful lessons that apply to their lives”… Looking back on how my concept map could have been different, I should have attempted to reflect on how lessons to be relevant to promote engagement because pupils are likely to be familiar/frequent users of technology. 🙂

    • hahaha glad you worked out how to make it work in the end! That’s technology for you :p
      Thanks for that comment, I do try to keep my lessons and pedagogy in line with what’s relevant because my high school years are still very fresh! It was so boring to be on the computer but not able to do anything fun! The videos from this week were also very interesting in relation to this so have a look! 🙂

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