Week 1 – Hello Kitty

In this entry I’d like to make a short post about the hello kitty video from the book on study desk “What are ICTs?”

From the definition I read, which states that ICTs are “digital technologies that allow use to receive, analyse, manipulate and distribute information with others.”
I found many different technologies in the video, even if it was just mentioned – or actually shown.
Firstly, the show would have been aired on a TV and filmed using cameras, which are a form of ICT.

It was then embedded as a video via a webpage, which is also using digital technologies. The original video aired on youtube, another website that allows for information to be distributed digitally and would have been viewed by people with smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers which are again, all ICT.
I’m not entirely sure if it’s meant to be included, but the GPS found the hello kitty doll’s location and that’s a way of communicating information so I am going to put down GPS in this list as well.
They then used a mobile phone to call someone to get the hello kitty doll down from the tree, which again is a form of ICT.
I think this video is quite clever and advanced for her age, and it’s not something I would have attempted for a science project when I was younger!
I found this exercise, and this book on study desk to be very interesting mostly because when I think ICT I think more of just the internet. I wouldn’t pick up my phone in class, and use it for part of a lesson to call that ICT – the same goes for my ipad. It’s fun and interactive, though I would have only considered the use of the internet on the iPad as part of the ICT which is not the case.


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